Abstract submission: 31 March 2008, 19:00 (Dutch time).
Due to numerous requests, the deadline has been postponed until Friday, 4 April 2008, 19:00 (Dutch time).

Registration: 29 April 2008.

Payment: 15 May 2008.


The official language of the meeting, both for oral and poster presentations, is English.


Conference Centre

The conference will be held at the Golden Tulip Doorwerth hotel (Kabeljauwallee 35, Doorwerth). This conference centre—previously known as Parkhotel De Branding—is located in the heart of the woods, yet within a short distance of public transport facilities

The hotel can be reached by public transport from the Arnhem central railway station by taxi, or by buses 50 and 81 (direction Utrecht) and 80 (direction Amersfoort), stop 'Kievitsdel'.

By car, take exit 19 (Renkum) at the A50 between crossings Grijsoord and Valburg and follow direction Doorwerth for 1200m. Make a right turn on the Van der Molenallee; the third street on the right is Kabeljauwallee.


Accommodation is provided within the Golden Tulip Doorwerth hotel. The hotel has 117 rooms, and nearly all are double rooms. Due to this limited capacity, participants are requested to adopt room sharing. It is cheaper, and permits more of your collagues to be accommodated on site.

Facilities of the hotel include both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis and squash courts, a solarium, sauna and fitness center, and rental of hotel bikes. You have no excuses for any dull moments, before or after the scientific sessions.

Should the Hotel Doorwerth become overbooked, the organisers will try to arrange alternative accommodation at the Hotel and Conference Center Papendal.

Registration Desk

At the meeting site, the registration desk will be open on


Registrations for this meeting are made online through this page or directly at the meeting. You are strongly encouraged to process your registration online as this facilitates the organisers' planning. A significant discount for online registrations is an added incentive.

The status of your ENP 2008 registration is always available through your personal myENP page. This also includes confirmation of your payment, but please note that it may take some time before this information is processed.

Detailed instructions are available at the online registration page.


Registration fees are listed in the table below. For your convenience, these prices are also indicated on the online registration form.

The day registration fee (€65) is waived for speakers (on the day of their presentation and once only). Speakers may not accummulate other discounts.

Members of the Neurofederation are offered a discount of €20 for 2-day packages.

Attendance for the full 3-day meeting entails an additional €20 discount, irrespective of membership.

Eligible Master's students are subjet to special rates, see below.

in advance
Payment at
the meeting
Fees per day
(except for package deals)
before 15 May on site  
Handling fee
€ 15 € 15  
(incl. programme booklet, lunch, drinks)
€ 65 € 85  
Dinner € 35  
Single room € 110  
Double room  € 70*  
  * indication of a roommate is required
Neuro package (days 1 & 2)
(Neurofederation members only)
€ 270 single
€ 230 double
includes day fees for 4 & 5 June, accommodation and dinner for 4 June, and a €20 discount
Psycho package (days 2 & 3)
(Neurofederation members only)
€ 270 single
€ 230 double
includes day fees for 5 & 6 June, accommodation and dinner for 5 June, and a €20 discount
Full meeting package
(Neurofederation members only)
€ 460 single
€ 380 double
includes day fees for 4-6 June, accommodation and dinner for 4-5 June, and a €40 discount
Full meeting package
(non-Neurofederation members)
€ 480 single
€ 400 double
includes day fees for 4-6 June, accommodation and dinner for 4-5 June, and a €20 discount

Call for room sharing

Room availability at the Golden Tulip Doorwerth is limited and reservations are made on a 'first paid, first (re)served' basis. Participants are strongly encouraged to sign up for room sharing, as well as processing the payment as early as possible.

Extra nights

If you wish to make reservations for additional nights (before or after the meeting) please contact the ENP2008 organisers by e-mail with your exact requirements. The prices are the same as those for the meeting duration (see table above).

Accompanying Persons

Registration for accompanying guests is possible. When filling in the online registration form, simply indicate that you are an 'accompanying person'. For special requirements, please contact the organizers at


You are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract for poster presentation. Abstracts are submitted exclusively through our online service, where detailed instructions are available. (Please note that Invited Speakers should not use this page; to submit an abstract, please go to the daily programme pages, locate your presentation in the programme, click the 'upload abstract' icon, and follow the instructions.)


Your registration will become definitive upon confirmation of payment of the meeting fee by bank transfer to

Postbank, account 7905966 of the Endo-Neuro-Psycho Meeting,
Dr. Molewaterplein 50 JNI-BE430, 3015 GE Rotterdam

For money transfers from abroad, the following information may be useful when contacting Postbank B.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

bank international code (BIC or Swift code): PSTBNL21
international bank account number (IBAN): NL35PSTB0007905966.

NB: Reservations will only be made definitive if payment is received by 15 May 2008.

Please ensure that your payment is recognizable by the organisers: include the reference 'ENP2008' as well as your family name. If possible, use your personal bank account; tranfers through administrative offices often lead to anonymous, 'ghost' payments.

The online registration service will be open until 29 April 2008. Afterwards, registration will only be possible at the meeting. Please note that the on-site fees are higher (see above). Please note also that after 29 April 2008 you will also have to contact the Golden Tulip Doorwerth hotel directly to make arrangements for your accommodation.


Cancellations received by e-mail before 15 May 2008 are entitled to a full refund. Cancellations received after this date and before 31 May 2008 will be considered case by case by the organisation; a refund will be awarded only in exceptional circumstances.

Substitute participants will be accepted. Contact the organisation by e-mail with the exact details.


All speakers have already been 'pre-registered'. You are kindly requested to 1) complete the online registration form and 2) submit an abstract (speakers are kindly requested to abide by the general deadlines). Both these steps require your e-mail address and a password; if you do not have a password (or have forgotten it), simply request a new one at the first login page that you encounter. If you need any clarifications, please contact us by e-mail.

Abstract submission

To submit an abstract, please go to the daily programme pages, locate your presentation in the programme, click the 'upload abstract' icon, and follow the instructions.

Presentation format

The format of your presentation (duration and discussion times) should have been communicated to you by the organisation. Presentations should be in English. Please remember that most people in your audience are not native English speakers - speak clearly (whether or not English is your native tongue) and not too fast.

Beamer equipment is available in all lecture rooms. The moderator of your session is in charge of the computer logistics. Room assistance is available during each session for additional help. Please contact your session moderator well in advance of the start of your session to arrange swift change of files between the presentations. The organisers' suggestion to the moderators is for all presentation files to be collected on a single laptop.

For any questions, contact your direct session organiser (moderator). If you need any clarifications, please contact us by e-mail.


If you are entitled to reimbursements, you can download a reimbursement form. Please fill in this form as requested and return it by mail to the meeting treasurer within a month after the meeting. Please pay particular attention when filling in your data; for reimbursement forms that are properly filled in, the organisation can ensure a swift bank transfer (most often in less than a month).

Note that the travel costs eligible for reimbursement are based on air fare APEX tourist class, 2nd class train fares, and local taxi costs; also, remember that the organisers need a copy of all your tickets.

The address of the meeting treasurer is:

Dr. Arjan BloklandSend an email
Section Neurocognition, Faculty of Psychology
Maastricht University
PO BOX 616
6200 MD Maastricht
The Netherlands


In addition to the Instructions for Moderators that you received already (upon acceptance of your session proposal), the Organising Committee provides the following suggestions in the hope that these will contribute to the successful development of your session and the meeting in general.

Your task at the meeting is to chair the session and oversee the computer logistics. A beamer is available during the session but you need to bring a laptop (and a laser pointer) to complete the projection equipment. Room assistance will be available. The organisers strongly advise you to collect all the presentation files on a single laptop prior to your session. This will guarantee smooth exchange between the presentations.

Please ensure strict adherence to the schedule stated in the programme. This is crucial in order to enable participants interested in different subjects to move between different parallel sessions. Please understand that this is of the utmost importance and convey the concept to all your speakers.

Master's Students

Eligible Master's students are students who 1) are enrolled in a neuroscience or cognition master's programme in the Netherlands, 2) have submitted an abstract to the student ENP committee, and 3) have been selected to attend the meeting. These students have the attendance fee for one day (€65) paid for by their University programme. To qualify for this discount, you will need a registration code, obtained from your university's student representative in the symposium committee. Please register for the meeting and submit an abstract through the normal pages on this site; the registration code will identify you as a Master's student and instructions will be provided. If you did not receive your registration code, please contact the programme coordinator, Mariken de Krom Send an email.

NB Simply put, eligible Master's students can attend the meeting for one day "for free" (including coffee breaks and lunch); any other selections during the registration procedure (dinner, accommodation, additional days) will have to be paid for within the standard deadline (15 May 2008).

Poster Presentations

Posters should be prepared to fit the available panel surface (height, 120 cm; width 90 cm) and must be put up on the day of the session only (at least 30 minutes before the start of the poster session). Posters can be mounted using drawing pins, which will be available at the meeting. You are expected to be present at your poster during the entire session. If possible, please leave your poster on display until the end of the day. All posters must be removed by the end of the day of their session.


Doubts about something? Don't panic: if you need any help, we'll be happy to assist you. Don't worry!

Before the meeting, contact us by e-mail.

During the meeting, the registration desk is open as indicated above. At any other times, various members of the Organising Committee will also be able to provide you with helpful directions if you need them.